My 10 golden rules for a perfect style – Part 1


Every woman’s dream is to look perfect every single time she steps out of the door, we cannot deny it!

To achieve this very ambitious goal, we should always keep in mind few rules that I have listed here:

#1 Consider the context before choosing an outfit

To me, the number one rule you should bear in mind when staring at your wardrobe with the goal to create your outfit is this simple statement: every situation requires an appropriate outfit, and this is a matter of fact.

One of the worst mistakes that can be made in terms of look is not taking into account the occasion for which you dress for. For instance, if you have to attend a special event, such as a wedding, you can’t show up in a suit or with a too casual outfit, right?

Here, exactly the same is true for the opposite: to take the dog out or for a lunch with friends, stiletto heels and mini-dress will make you appear, although sexy, absolutely out of context.

#2 Mix up to 3 colors at a time

It seems trivial, but combining too many colors in one look makes the final result too chaotic: remember the Harlequin effect is always around the corner!

This does not mean not daring with color-mixes, rather choosing the nuances to match, taking care to respect a few guidelines that help you keep the whole harmonious and balanced.

The three-color rule being definitely one of them. This fashion-diktat imposes a maximum of three shades in the same outfit, to always be dosed with balance, by inserting at least one basic shade, which supports the others in the play of colors without contaminating the whole.

If two out of three nuances are neutral, then the third color must be bright and become the protagonist of the look.

#3 Yes to plain-colored outfits, but choose basic ones

Speaking of color-mixes, be careful: the “rule of three” does not mean that you are forced to use three colors all together!

To me, the charm of plain-color outfit is indeed timeless, but the use of a single color also has its rules. If you decide to focus on a single shade, make sure that it is a basic color, not too strong or too particular.

The most extravagant fashion-colors worn in a “total look” version are a gamble and necessarily need to be balanced by neutral shades, at least on accessories.

More recommended to aiming instead for a luminous total-white or a timeless total black which will give you the guarantee of being absolutely perfect!

#4 Indulge your silhouette

Knowing and accepting your body is the first very important step in enhancing its strengths and camouflaging its defects.

There is nothing that spoils an outfit as a wrong fitting.

Wearing garments with cuts (or sizes) that do not go well with your silhouette for sure will remove charm from the whole, whatever the basic error and whatever the outfit.

Whether you are tall or short, curvy or skinny, always remember that there are garments made especially for you: just find the right models and make them “never without” in your wardrobe.

#5 Take your age into account

To dress well, not only is it important to know your own shapes, but it is also essential to know how to cope with the natural ageing factor.

Each age has its own style and must be respected: it is not (only) a matter of physique, but also and above all of good taste.

To me, in fact, once a woman reaches her 40s, she should consider style and personality must always win over current trends which are temporary by definition.

Remember however contradictory it may seem, wearing clothes defined as “youthful” tends to highlight, by contrast, a more mature age.

The first rule is therefore to ban from your wardrobe everything that is too extreme, sexy or aggressive, in favor of iconic and transversal garments.

This obviously does not mean letting yourself go into boredom, on the contrary it means showing off your charm and good taste, adapting your style to your age with the right awareness and – why not – also to the inspiration of the moment.

The other 5 rules to follow…stay tuned!

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