My 10 golden rules – Part 2

Hello! Let’s see what are the remaining 5 rules for a perfect style in every occasion!

#6 Wardrobe’s pillars

There are some garments universally recognized as women’s wardrobe must-haves, they are iconic pieces that do not undergo fashions and act as a passepartout on the most varied occasions.

If we were to shape the concept of “chic” we would certainly think of a tailored blazer, a business suit, a black dress (a black sheath dress), a silk shirt or a pair of pumps with stiletto heels.

Put these pieces in your wardrobe and mix them with the current trends: the result is guaranteed!!!

#7 Take care of the lingerie

Even the underwear wants its part. To make us feel more beautiful and confident, it plays a really fundamental role.

Nothing exaggerated or too sexy, simplicity always pays-off: the important thing is that it is cared for and (possibly) coordinated. It is also known that, in recent seasons, lingerie is taking some revenge, being exposed to some extent in our outfits.

If you opt for this option, make sure that the underwear you decide to wear in plain sight is adequate: play with very refined silks and laces and try to balance the whole with soft and very chic allure garments.

#8 Choose quality fabrics

A stunning look requires quality, there is no doubt about it!

The temptation to give in to fast-fashion is always around the corner, and at times it is also allowed.

But be careful, a trained eye will certainly not miss the quality of the fabric you wear! Advice?

As far as possible, always focus on fine compositions, or in any case try to play on mix and match that also take into account the “fabric factor”, often underestimated.

Silk, satin and cashmere, but also linen and organic cottons have countless qualities: they hardly wear out, always give an optimal fitting and guarantee an extra gear to every outfit. Make sure to put some of these fabrics in the wardrobe and use them as a basis for your most refined outfits!

#9 Less is more

“Before going out, look in the mirror and get rid of something “, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel says.

A classy look does not need too many frills and “less is more” is undoubtedly one of the golden rules of “dressing well”, one of those to be printed and framed.

Giving in to the temptation to add an accessory or jewelry to the look is in fact very easy and much more frequent than imagined, but if we think about it, “too much” only risks creating confusion and removing harmony from the whole.

Always focus on clean lines and a few well-studied accessories!

#10 Don’t follow fashion slavishly

Last but not least, here is my last advice: following the trends of the moment is only good if it is done with common sense.

The ideal is to mix fashion with your own style and without forgetting your physical attributes, always finding the right compromise between your way of being and the proposals from the catwalks.

Remember that it will only be your very personal way of interpreting trends that will make you special for everyone, otherwise you will be “one of many”.

Before leaving home, therefore, always check that you have worn the most important item: your personality.

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed this content, leave me your message!

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