Tie-dye is trendy in SS20!


Tie-dye clothes are back again for the SS20, and in fairness they were already back last year on catwalks and worn by lots of fashion influencers!

Tie-dye is definitely as style which is playful, summery, cool, nostalgic: born as a sign of protest, the tie-dye today symbolizes rather Peace & Love (and in fact it is one of the favorite prints of June, the month of Pride).

The main difference in this years’ approach to Tie-dye is rather less colorful outcomes in favor of more sophisticated ones. Personally what I like of this type of clothes is the sense of uniqueness they bring to your look: in fact, due to the nature of tie-dyeing process literally no two pieces are ever the same!

How to wear tie-dye clothes? I am not a big fan of tie-dye total look, I’d rather opt for combination of a tie-dye garment or accessory with black or white in summer.

Looking for tie-dye outfits inspirations? Look at these looks below and if you like my post please follow me on Facebook and Instagram by clicking on the icons, thanks!

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