Trendy SS20 sandals with pom-poms!


The sandals with long laces that go up the ankles and legs, ultra-flat leather sole and delicious, colorful pom poms are a must-have for this summer!

It is a perfect bohemian style touch to your outfit, and it is amazing how these shoes can give a twist even to a super basic look! In my opinion you do not need to necessarily have an inclination towards the boho-style to wear these sandals, because you can really adapt them to a large variety of summer outfits.

What I love about these sandals is that they are super versatile and in fact, they can be combined with a pair of shorts in natural or pastel tones during the day as well as with a sleep dress for your night-out look (btw the sleep dress is another “iconic” garment super trendy in SS20, we’ll talk about it in a separate post).

Looking for some inspiration to buy your next pom-poms sandals? Hope I get you sorted and if you like my blog, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram by clicking on the icons, thanks a lot!

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