Obsessed with jeans?

Jeans are one of the items of clothing that women struggle with the most. What style suits? What shape? Ripped or classic? Cheap or expensive? People dread buying them and the vast range available make for a very daunting task at times.

Personally I would wear jeans h24, 7 days a week if I could, and except at night-time I’d say that I wear jeans almost every day as my job allows for it and sometimes even for a night out!

I have recently discovered this Portuguese brand, Salsa Jeans, and I have been impressed by the passion and dedication from this team of experts to create products that can suit all body types. They have a big range and you can really experiment a lot of shapes! Prices? they are not super cheap but affordable, in my opinion is better to invest a bit more money into garments which are pillars of our wardrobe, like jeans certainly are.

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