Beachwear: one size fits most!

Hello! Obviously we want to be free to wear what we like regardless of our body type and thankfully the fashion industry is slowly moving towards this big milestone, although still few mainstream brand have an inclusive range when it comes to sizes. Well, let’s focus on the positive side: there are small brands that are actively doing that!

Today I want to talk about this beachwear brand, Reina Olga, that has launched a collection named “One size fits most”. It is a brand funded by 2 sisters and their philosophy is to provide swimwear for all the body types.

Their slogan β€œNO BIKINI IS EVER TOO SMALL, AND NO TOOSHIE IS EVER TOO BIG” conveys a strong message of body positivity: no woman should hide her body but instead accentuating the beauty and shape which is unique to each individual.

To reinforce this message, Reina Olga also provides size in numbers 1,2,3 equivalent to S/M/L but it just sound better!

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🌊 β€˜80 P.s. Mia mamma ringrazia per i big likess

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tequila time 🀠

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