Cute tote bags ethically made

Hello! I want to spread the word and contribute to raise awareness on the amazing work that this company, The Tote Project, is carrying on daily since few years.

They produce super cute totes and pouches, but mostly they deserve credit for their mission which is at the foundation of the company: their products are ethically manufactured and environmentally safe.

Founded by 2 best friends, who at the time were unable to find the ethical fashion products they desired, they decided to focus their effort into creating amazing bags that empower survivors of sex trafficking worldwide. How they reach this goal? They operate since day1 on multiple fronts by raising awareness through social media and other press resource, by making sure their supply chain and manufacturing process is free from child labour or human trafficking and finally by giving back to survivors. You can check their website, read up about their story and share their posts.

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“Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” – Martin Luther King Jr. * When we first started The Tote Project we vowed to be an empowering, hopeful voice in the fight to end human trafficking. Our Freedom collection is a reflection of this goal. We celebrate the idea of being free to learn, love, dream, empower, protect, explore and grow, and through our mission we hold on to hope that victims of human trafficking will be freed to experience these things. * This week we’ve been reflecting on the injustice that we see all around us in our society that is resulting in the deaths of people of color. As white women, we are free to take a jog without getting shot in the street (#AhmaudArbery), free to be suspected of using a fake $20 bill without getting choked to death (#GeorgeFloyd); it’s highly unlikely that police will kill us while we are home in bed (#BreonnaTaylor). We even have a lower chance of catching COVID-19 than black women in our age group and cities. When we look at the US human trafficking statistics, we find that 57% of children trafficked for prostitution are African-American. Black women are more likely to be trafficked than white women, and more likely to be criminalized for their exploitation. (@rights4girls) “Injustice” doesn’t feel like a strong enough word for this systematic racism, and we stand with the human rights community and @blklivesmatter in condemning this violence and evil. * We also believe that if we are demanding change, we have to start with ourselves. We want to start by apologizing that it took this long for us to speak out about the racial disparity in human trafficking; we want to learn and do better. We will continue to raise awareness about the link between racism and trafficking, and we will continue to prioritize representation in our company and donations. We aren’t posting this out of obligation, we want you to hold us accountable, so we welcome your feedback and ideas for how we can further support the black community and make sure that our brand represents all women, regardless of skin color. // @indyofficinalis photographed by @evan.anderson

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