Green Knitwear

Hello! Have you ever heard about this knitwear brand, named Sheep Inc?

This company positions itself as the world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand and it is committed to push back against the fashion industry’s reputation as one of the world’s largest polluters and I am quoting “set a new standard of environmental accountability”. How do they reach their goal?

They came up with a very original idea to allocate a sheep to every customer with the purpose to remind everyone that we all play a role in protecting the environment but this change can be effective if consumers start to challenge the status quo. Before any garments purchase we should always interrogate ourselves on the fact that the clothing comes from somewhere and has an environmental impact.

In this case, all the wool comes from farms in New Zealand, and obviously, quoting the founder of this brand “the sheep is the kind of the ongoing engagement piece where you’re continuously kind of involved with the story behind your sweater. If anybody asks you where your sweater comes from, you simply tap your phone to the tag, and you can show every single step in the manufacturing story”.

In terms of negative carbon emission, the standard goal of brands committed to sustainability in fashion industry is to reach carbon neutrality but it looks like this company really wants to push it hard and there is a section in their website where they explain the projects they are running to fight climate changes through investing 5% of their proceeds into biodiversity projects.

In fairness the sweaters are quite expensive, on average 150 euro, but it is worth to notice that the products are supposed to be long-lasting, and if we all collectively would move even gradually to a slow fashion mindset, it is definitely better for the environment to buy fewer quantities of garments that last longer in our wardrobes!

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