Sustainable fashion brand sharing 90% of profits

Hello! With the current pandemic seemingly fueling a new eco-consciousness, consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable options for the market. 

There is a common perception that sustainable fashion costs a fortune, or more in general mass consumers are not willing to pay a lot more for eco-friendly products. In my opinion this statement is unfortunately true and up until sustainable options will become mainstream prices won’t go down significantly, that’s why it is extremely important to start making sustainable choices on a daily basis to reach a massive adoption of these products and generate a positive spin.

Well, after this digression, allow me to introduce a sustainable brand, named Ninety Percent, which as the name might suggest, has taken commitment to share 90% of the profits.

This choice seems very atypical and the company founder explained that she wanted to create a movement to change the way conventional fashion businesses are run.

Basically customers place their orders online and when the items arrive they have unique codes printed on the care labels. They can then visit the Ninety Percent website and enter the unique code to vote for their chosen cause. At the end of the financial year, the company will calculate how much each charity is due to receive and to get to the bottom of it those causes which will receive 80 per cent of the company’s profits. After that, five per cent of the distributed profits will go to the people who manufacture the product and five per cent to the team that runs the business. The remaining 10 per cent will go to the shareholders.

It is a very interesting and disruptive concept that is contributing to fight against fast fashion, so I would encourage you to browse through the collection and get inspired to buy clothes and make a positive impact!

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