About me

Ilaria aka Closetila

I am an Italian woman, in my early 40s, living in Dublin, Ireland, for almost a decade.

Since I was a teenager, I always had a genuine passion for creating outfits, being up to date with latest fashion trends, but recently I have shifted my mindset as I realized fashion industry is one of the main polluters therefore contributing massively to climate change and to harming our planet.

I guess the only viable option is to start fighting fast fashion and promote the adoption of sustainability practices, in favour of promoting slow fashion concept, buying way fewer items which are timeless and produced by brands operating with consciousness for the planet but also respectful for their workers directly or indirectly involved in the manufacturing process.

It is way easier to say than to actually do it, there are many possible angles to tackle this big issue and for the fashion side of it I have decided to embark on a transformation journey of my wardrobe, getting rid of all the fast fashion items (I am plenty of them) and start buying only few ones from trusted sustainable brands.

In this blog I write about my findings as I research into fashion brands committed to sustainability and also what it takes to implement this fashion revolution. My idea is to share the knowledge and help people navigate through this transformation journey, hope you’ll enjoy browsing through my content!

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