Online rental clothing service

Hello! As many of you know, September is the month of secondhand, promoting to buy pre-owned clothes in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills! That got me inspired to write about a new emerging trend which is also contributing to extend the lifecycle of garments and so itContinue reading “Online rental clothing service”

Garments made from overstock fabric

Hello! I came across this brand that makes sustainable products by using overstock fabrics, which basically are leftovers from fabrics bought in excess by other fashion brands. Basically Avavav rescues those fabrics before they are thrown away and makes new garments out of them which is a good contribution to a sustainable manufacturing chainContinue reading “Garments made from overstock fabric”

Beachwear: one size fits most!

Hello! Obviously we want to be free to wear what we like regardless of our body type and thankfully the fashion industry is slowly moving towards this big milestone, although still few mainstream brand have an inclusive range when it comes to sizes. Well, let’s focus on the positive side: there are small brands thatContinue reading “Beachwear: one size fits most!”

WFH? Check this activewear brand!

Hello! As of today, many of us are still working from home to fight the spread of COVID-19 and being comfy but also confident is among the challenges that we fight everyday since we wake up! During this pandemic, I have discovered this luxury workout clothing brand, Varley I have been impressed by how stylishContinue reading “WFH? Check this activewear brand!”

Obsessed with jeans?

Jeans are one of the items of clothing that women struggle with the most. What style suits? What shape? Ripped or classic? Cheap or expensive? People dread buying them and the vast range available make for a very daunting task at times. Personally I would wear jeans h24, 7 days a week if I could,Continue reading “Obsessed with jeans?”

Fancy a floral dress?

Hello! Are you desperately in love with floral dresses especially the ones with romantic print? Then you should check this brand, Les Reveries NYC. It has been founded by 2 sisters and all garments from the collections reflect their love of art, poetry and music. Personally I find it a reference brand for a womanContinue reading “Fancy a floral dress?”

Looking for a yellow dress?

Hello! It is sun- day!! Today I am going to talk about the color of the sun: yellow! Yellow is indeed the color of sun, light, and optimism, the color of the mind and intellect. This color stimulates, activates, and frees from fear. It stimulates our mental ability, creating a spiritual skill and perception. YellowContinue reading “Looking for a yellow dress?”

Peplum dress SS20 for a Goddess

Hello! Needless to say how every woman on the planet looks elegant, refined and sophisticated wearing a peplum dress, to be matched with either flat or high sandals during this summer. Basically you’ll be a real Goddess brought back to earth 🙂 Here my favorite choices for peplum dresses from SS 20 collections! Hope youContinue reading “Peplum dress SS20 for a Goddess”

Tie-dye is trendy in SS20!

Hello! Tie-dye clothes are back again for the SS20, and in fairness they were already back last year on catwalks and worn by lots of fashion influencers! Tie-dye is definitely as style which is playful, summery, cool, nostalgic: born as a sign of protest, the tie-dye today symbolizes rather Peace & Love (and in factContinue reading “Tie-dye is trendy in SS20!”

Perfect party dress? Check this brand!

Hello! ROTATE, this Copenaghen based brand launched in 2018 is the brainchild of Danish stylists and influencers, Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars partnered with Birger Christensen. I have literally fallen in love with all the garments I have seen from latest collection because I really feel those dresses impersonate perfectly the young woman modern, withContinue reading “Perfect party dress? Check this brand!”