Loungewear sustainable brand

Hello! I came across this brand, ThokkThokk, a German sustainable fashion label, and I think it is worth keeping it in the radar for your next purchase of loungewear.

They got GOTS certified in 2014, which means the garments they produce contain at least 70% of organic fibers (actually there are 2 levels of GOTS certification: to get the label grade ‘organic’ products must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic fibers whereas a product with the label grade ‘made with organic’ must contain a minimum of 70% certified organic fibers).

They claim to use eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, tencel and recycled plastic so they make an effort to reduce climate impact and limit the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production.

Another thing on the positive side is that they seem to care a lot about traceability: in their website you can find information on where their manufacturer are based and what part of the production process are they taking care of.

There is also an highlighted commitment to actively fight child labor: they have an ongoing collaboration with Indian NGO SAVE, with the mission to combating child labor in the textile industry and promoting the rights of women and workers. SAVE stands for Social Awareness and Voluntary Education. The 121-member organization together with over 600 volunteers for the rights of women and workers and the prevention of child labor in the Indian textile industry.

Overall I guess deserves the attention of a buyer who is sensitive to ethical fashion. Their online shop is available in German and English and they ship worldwide, for sure I will give it a try!

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Online rental clothing service


As many of you know, September is the month of secondhand, promoting to buy pre-owned clothes in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills!

That got me inspired to write about a new emerging trend which is also contributing to extend the lifecycle of garments and so it goes in the same direction as buying secondhand clothes, which is actually getting people into the habit of renting rather than buying stuff.

I have done a bit of online digging and today I am going to talk about this online rental clothing service which is among the most popular ones, named ROTARO.


Unfortunately I cannot avail of this service which is supported in UK only ATM, however having a look at the wardrobe offered at a glance, I can say garments “on paper” are very glamourous and appealing. According to their statements, they claim packaging is biodegradable and recyclable, the delivery completed via a carbon-neutral courier and items are laundered using wet-washing, a more eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning. Stock is held centrally, meaning customers can benefit from next day delivery across the UK (and same-day delivery in London if you order before 4pm), so it is very convenient for an unplanned last minute event you need to attend!

What I like: wardrobe pieces are nice and trendy, delivery is fast which means you do no have to plan your rental much in advance

What I do not like: categories of garments are quite limited, basically it is only dresses and handbags that you can rent instead my expectation would be to get a wider choice of possible combinations and outfit to create by myself to preserve my identity and uniqueness!

Anyways with no subscription fee and at a reasonable price point per item, it seems worth a try if you are based in UK.

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Garments made from overstock fabric

Hello! I came across this brand Avavav.com that makes sustainable products by using overstock fabrics, which basically are leftovers from fabrics bought in excess by other fashion brands.

Basically Avavav rescues those fabrics before they are thrown away and makes new garments out of them which is a good contribution to a sustainable manufacturing chain by extending the lifetime of these fabrics and by reducing waste and pollution generated by the disposal of the deadstock.

The philosophy behind this brand is to look out for high quality fabrics and give them new life, creating garments which are supposed to be longlasting to be treasured in our closet!

Personally I got impressed by a dress made from curtains! You can read more about their story and company mission on the website, hope to have inspired you to buy from a sustainable brand and if you liked my post please follow me to stay tuned, thanks so much!

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How’s your summer so far? #AVAVAV

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Beachwear: one size fits most!

Hello! Obviously we want to be free to wear what we like regardless of our body type and thankfully the fashion industry is slowly moving towards this big milestone, although still few mainstream brand have an inclusive range when it comes to sizes. Well, let’s focus on the positive side: there are small brands that are actively doing that!

Today I want to talk about this beachwear brand, Reina Olga, that has launched a collection named “One size fits most”. It is a brand funded by 2 sisters and their philosophy is to provide swimwear for all the body types.

Their slogan “NO BIKINI IS EVER TOO SMALL, AND NO TOOSHIE IS EVER TOO BIG” conveys a strong message of body positivity: no woman should hide her body but instead accentuating the beauty and shape which is unique to each individual.

To reinforce this message, Reina Olga also provides size in numbers 1,2,3 equivalent to S/M/L but it just sound better!

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🌊 ‘80 P.s. Mia mamma ringrazia per i big likess

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WFH? Check this activewear brand!


As of today, many of us are still working from home to fight the spread of COVID-19 and being comfy but also confident is among the challenges that we fight everyday since we wake up!

During this pandemic, I have discovered this luxury workout clothing brand, Varley

I have been impressed by how stylish all the pieces of their collections are, ranging from leggings, sports bras, to sweatshirts and hoodies! All these items are very classy in my opinion, and super wearable on a daily basis to work remotely from home!

If you browse in their collections, you’ll realize Varley creates products with highly technical and innovative fabrics, yet preserving a great remarkable aesthetic!

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Timeless pieces for your wardrobe #inVarley

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Obsessed with jeans?

Jeans are one of the items of clothing that women struggle with the most. What style suits? What shape? Ripped or classic? Cheap or expensive? People dread buying them and the vast range available make for a very daunting task at times.

Personally I would wear jeans h24, 7 days a week if I could, and except at night-time I’d say that I wear jeans almost every day as my job allows for it and sometimes even for a night out!

I have recently discovered this Portuguese brand, Salsa Jeans, and I have been impressed by the passion and dedication from this team of experts to create products that can suit all body types. They have a big range and you can really experiment a lot of shapes! Prices? they are not super cheap but affordable, in my opinion is better to invest a bit more money into garments which are pillars of our wardrobe, like jeans certainly are.

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Fancy a floral dress?

Hello! Are you desperately in love with floral dresses especially the ones with romantic print?

Then you should check this brand, Les Reveries NYC. It has been founded by 2 sisters and all garments from the collections reflect their love of art, poetry and music. Personally I find it a reference brand for a woman who wants to express the delicate side of her femininity, without giving up on sensuality.

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Jungle chic in @lesreveriesnyc 🌴

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Looking for a yellow dress?

Hello! It is sun- day!! Today I am going to talk about the color of the sun: yellow!

Yellow is indeed the color of sun, light, and optimism, the color of the mind and intellect. This color stimulates, activates, and frees from fear. It stimulates our mental ability, creating a spiritual skill and perception. Yellow offers hope, happiness, playfulness, and fun.

Positive characteristics of yellow are optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, fun, humor, confidence, originality, creativity, wisdom, logic. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite yellow dress and wear it with confidence!

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Peplum dress SS20 for a Goddess

Hello! Needless to say how every woman on the planet looks elegant, refined and sophisticated wearing a peplum dress, to be matched with either flat or high sandals during this summer. Basically you’ll be a real Goddess brought back to earth 🙂

Here my favorite choices for peplum dresses from SS 20 collections!

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Tie-dye is trendy in SS20!


Tie-dye clothes are back again for the SS20, and in fairness they were already back last year on catwalks and worn by lots of fashion influencers!

Tie-dye is definitely as style which is playful, summery, cool, nostalgic: born as a sign of protest, the tie-dye today symbolizes rather Peace & Love (and in fact it is one of the favorite prints of June, the month of Pride).

The main difference in this years’ approach to Tie-dye is rather less colorful outcomes in favor of more sophisticated ones. Personally what I like of this type of clothes is the sense of uniqueness they bring to your look: in fact, due to the nature of tie-dyeing process literally no two pieces are ever the same!

How to wear tie-dye clothes? I am not a big fan of tie-dye total look, I’d rather opt for combination of a tie-dye garment or accessory with black or white in summer.

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