Cingomma, which produces truly unique and innovative accessories such as belts, bags and wallets!

The idea behind Cingomma is that they rely on local artisans who repurpose bicycle tires and inner tubes to create these handmade fashion accessories.

A truly peculiar aspect is their way of approaching the e-commerce business: when they made the decision to launch the e-shop they also decided NOT to accept online purchases if there is a physical store close to the customer location and they are willing to cancel your online order if you cheat!

The reason is that they care for their local staff and want to protect the people working in the retail chain who would otherwise be badly affected by online growth, so kudos for that!

The founder’s idea was to create products by reusing bicycle tires and inner tubes. They recover this material from the numerous bicycle repair shops located throughout Italy and it is a win-win situation as these materials would have been dumped in landfills and would have contributed to generating pollution.

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