Malia Lab

Italian brand founded in 2016 by and owned by a woman, Flavia. 

Malia Lab’s mission is to create a multifunctional and functional wardrobe, suitable for all occasions, with the common thread of style, refined fabrics and artisanal quality.

The founder aims to create a sustainable, ethical fashion brand, created with respect for the body and the environment.

e-shop is only in Italian at the moment, but shipping is offered worldwide. Really nice feature offered is the ability to customize your garments, essentially you submit your needs to the team via the contact form and they will get back to you with feasibility.

Quite interesting is the list of products for fabric such as hemp, cotton or bamboo fiber, but in the end what this brand captivates you for is the idea of ​​craftsmanship behind it and the attention to detail in the process of creating the garments.

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