Italian brand Rifo’ founded in Prato, Tuscany produces ethical and sustainable clothing made with recycled and recyclable fiber.

Their mission is to believe in a future where there is no longer need to produce virgin resources, but we can use existing ones and this concept is nicely summarized in their brand name, which is a dialect expression in Tuscany which means “remake”.

Rifo` wants to restore an emotional connection with our clothes by recycling as much textile waste as possible.

Rifo` makes men and women’s clothes, blankets and accessories through upcycling textile fibers.

The circular fashion brand processes old cashmere, denim, lace and cotton into new yarns of fabric.

Rifo’ is also concerned about overproduction of garments which leads to waste and pollution and they have found their way to embrace a slower pace in fashion: they always start with a presale before launching a new circular garment, blanket or accessory so that they can study the market and their customers to avoid overstock and better balance production based on the actual demand.

Moreover Rifo’ produces all its products within 30 km of their office in Prato, Italy. Not only this allows them to support the local economy and create new jobs, but it also reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gases.

Worth mentioning about their collaboration with Repack a Finnish startup, for their packaging solution. Basically it is possible for a small fee to receive the parcel in a reusable package. The customer once giving back the packaging can avail of a gift voucher to buy from any e-commerce retailer with an active Repack partnership.

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