Ethical lingerie for all women

Hello! Today I am going to talk about this amazing ethical brand for lingerie, called Chite’.

Their mission is to empower womens, by assuming that we do not have necesarilly perfect bodies but we can still aspire to have made-to-measure lingerie that we have always dreamt of.

I like this brand a lot, they spread a very positive message that luxury lingerie is available to all women out there and is tailored to fit perfectly to your body.

You choose the items you like and then give your measurements, once the order is placed your lingerie is actually created by the seamstresses in 2 weeks time and delivered to you!

Have a look at their collection, I am sure you’ll find something you like!

6 ideas for One piece swimsuits SS20


I’ll talk about one of my favorite garments: the onepiece swimsuit.

I love the onepiece for its elegance and versatility. You can start wearing it as soon as the sun starts to go down, to enjoy the last hours on the beach but also to stretch long until the aperitif and, why not, for dinner. Basically you need to just add a pair of jeans or a skirt to transform it into the perfect bodysuit!

You’ll find some inspirations I have picked from 2020 collection in the gallery below, click on each link to know more about the brand and price, hope you’ll like it!

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3 must-have straw bags SS20


Straw bags are defo a must-have this summer not only for your beach holidays but also for your city strolling!

The models seen on the catwalk are many: buckets with nets, handbags with bamboo handles, with shape of a hatbox, maxi bags to hold everything you need (absolutely in plain sight!).

I have picked my 3 favorite luxury straw bags, and all of them are characterized by simplicity in materials, straw and raffia, for a casual chic look, to be adopted in the countryside, by the sea and even in the city.

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My 10 golden rules for a perfect style – Part 1


Every woman’s dream is to look perfect every single time she steps out of the door, we cannot deny it!

To achieve this very ambitious goal, we should always keep in mind few rules that I have listed here:

#1 Consider the context before choosing an outfit

To me, the number one rule you should bear in mind when staring at your wardrobe with the goal to create your outfit is this simple statement: every situation requires an appropriate outfit, and this is a matter of fact.

One of the worst mistakes that can be made in terms of look is not taking into account the occasion for which you dress for. For instance, if you have to attend a special event, such as a wedding, you can’t show up in a suit or with a too casual outfit, right?

Here, exactly the same is true for the opposite: to take the dog out or for a lunch with friends, stiletto heels and mini-dress will make you appear, although sexy, absolutely out of context.

#2 Mix up to 3 colors at a time

It seems trivial, but combining too many colors in one look makes the final result too chaotic: remember the Harlequin effect is always around the corner!

This does not mean not daring with color-mixes, rather choosing the nuances to match, taking care to respect a few guidelines that help you keep the whole harmonious and balanced.

The three-color rule being definitely one of them. This fashion-diktat imposes a maximum of three shades in the same outfit, to always be dosed with balance, by inserting at least one basic shade, which supports the others in the play of colors without contaminating the whole.

If two out of three nuances are neutral, then the third color must be bright and become the protagonist of the look.

#3 Yes to plain-colored outfits, but choose basic ones

Speaking of color-mixes, be careful: the “rule of three” does not mean that you are forced to use three colors all together!

To me, the charm of plain-color outfit is indeed timeless, but the use of a single color also has its rules. If you decide to focus on a single shade, make sure that it is a basic color, not too strong or too particular.

The most extravagant fashion-colors worn in a “total look” version are a gamble and necessarily need to be balanced by neutral shades, at least on accessories.

More recommended to aiming instead for a luminous total-white or a timeless total black which will give you the guarantee of being absolutely perfect!

#4 Indulge your silhouette

Knowing and accepting your body is the first very important step in enhancing its strengths and camouflaging its defects.

There is nothing that spoils an outfit as a wrong fitting.

Wearing garments with cuts (or sizes) that do not go well with your silhouette for sure will remove charm from the whole, whatever the basic error and whatever the outfit.

Whether you are tall or short, curvy or skinny, always remember that there are garments made especially for you: just find the right models and make them “never without” in your wardrobe.

#5 Take your age into account

To dress well, not only is it important to know your own shapes, but it is also essential to know how to cope with the natural ageing factor.

Each age has its own style and must be respected: it is not (only) a matter of physique, but also and above all of good taste.

To me, in fact, once a woman reaches her 40s, she should consider style and personality must always win over current trends which are temporary by definition.

Remember however contradictory it may seem, wearing clothes defined as “youthful” tends to highlight, by contrast, a more mature age.

The first rule is therefore to ban from your wardrobe everything that is too extreme, sexy or aggressive, in favor of iconic and transversal garments.

This obviously does not mean letting yourself go into boredom, on the contrary it means showing off your charm and good taste, adapting your style to your age with the right awareness and – why not – also to the inspiration of the moment.

The other 5 rules to follow…stay tuned!

The most beatiful SS20 sandals which cover the feet!

Hello! Feet in this season inevitably end up in the spotlight: a joy for many, an authentic tragedy for many others, myself included!

The good news is that among the shoes for summer 2020, the sandals closed in front are among the most original and trendy.

Many people have developed a tricky relationship with their feet for various reasons and if you are of one those perhaps affected by some form of podophobia, you’ll be happy to hear that there is plenty of shoes you can wear when it starts to get hot, without giving-up on glamour!

Did you get some inspiration for you next sandals shopping? I hope so 🙂 Leave me your message!

How to wear shorts based on your body type!

Hello ladies! Let’s talk about how to wear shorts and share few tips that hopefully will guide you shopping the right pair for you based on your body type!

  1. High-waisted shorts

If you have a flat tummy and wide hips, high-waisted shorts are ideal. To maximize the effect, you can focus on the top and play with either an oversize tailored blazer or a top with puff sleeves (actually the shirt with puff sleeves is a variant if you want to look more elegant!).

In case your waist is not particularly small you can opt for shorts with floral patterns to help to reduce it.

2. Mini shorts

Mini shorts are ideal for women who are not very tall, that’s because the visual effect ideally lengthens the legs and to create a slim figure , you can wear the with a pair of high-knee boots to get even a slimmer effect.

3. Bermuda shorts

Typically a menswear item, bermuda shorts are actually rising in popularity among women’s too but honestly they fit well only to women with slim build.

If you pair the bermuda short with classic T-shirt you might end up compromising a bit on your feminine look so I would recommend to match bermuda shorts with a tight blouse instead.

Get inspired by the bermuda look Chloe Sevigny wore back in 2000 at the Oscar Nominees party!

4. Biker shorts

Biker shorts are more suitable for muscled and toned type of body, as they are conceived to emphasize your legs. If you want to try them anyway but fitness is not for you, you can match your shorts with a long jacket or an oversize t-shirt.

Get inspired by the bikers shorts look that Alexa Chung wore for the  Victoria Beckham‘s AW20 London Fashion Week presentation in Feb 2020!

Hope you enjoyed my tips for wearing shorts, did you get any inspiration?

Ethical linen clothing brands for summer 2020

Hello girls! Are you desperately looking for a new linen garment but you want to make sure to purchase it from an ethical brand?

If ethical clothing has been high on your list of priorities, I have selected few sustainable brands below, specialized in linen, which have good customer reviews.

Seaside Tones

All the pieces of their collections are made of natural fabrics, mostly pure baltic linen and they are handmade in their facilities based in Poland.

Beaumont Organic

This UK based sustainable brand offers online a nice selection of linen garments such as organic shirts, dresses and jackets.

Happy Haus

HAPPY HAUS is a 100% conscious and ecological brand brand committed to the planet, which got several certifications from trusted label. Their collections is purposely made by few garments with a timeless style combined with simplicity.

I guess you cannot go wrong if you choose one of these brands. You will wear beautiful linen garments with an eye to the planet.

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My favourite summer booties

Hello girls! Summer finally kicked-in and many of us (myself included) have a passion for boots and despite the hot weather, we are willing to leave our sandals for some nice and stylish lightweight boots.

Here my TOP 5 booties I would buy and wear this summer:

#1 Pink Nude boots Red Valentino

I love the block heel combined with a squared toe, the micro-bow on top is absolutely amazing!

Perfect shoes for a romantic dining date and I would take advantage of the sale now on!

#2Ankle boots by the Kindreds

Personally I love these handmade leather ankle boots. It is a very stylish combination of original kilim rugs and leather. A versatile pair of boots to give a classy touch to your daily activities!

#3 Augustine Woven Ankle Mid Bootie

These leather boots by Micheal Kors look a a lot lighter on the feet, without compromising the style.

#4Jersey Corset Boots by Fendy

If you are comfortable with high heels these jersey booties are sexy and breathable for summer nights.

#5 Combo Barclay Fashion Booties

These canvas Western boots with contrast embroidery are perfect combined with linen dress for your summer nights!