Perfect party dress? Check this brand!


ROTATE, this Copenaghen based brand launched in 2018 is the brainchild of Danish stylists and influencers, Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars partnered with Birger Christensen.

I have literally fallen in love with all the garments I have seen from latest collection because I really feel those dresses impersonate perfectly the young woman modern, with a hectic lifestyle.

All the garments are characterized by a touch of extravagance that makes you feel special and able to stand out from the crowd, keeping a look at the wallet, because honestly not all of us can afford to pay crazy prices to dress up πŸ™‚

The latest collection is a triumph of colors, pearls, sequins, and shine, all perfectly balanced for a modern girl who is romantic but also keen to leave a mark when she steps in the room!

Here below their website, they ship products worldwide and I have just attached few of the dresses I cannot wait to wear, so glamorous!

Hope you get some inspirations too!

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My 10 golden rules – Part 2

Hello! Let’s see what are the remaining 5 rules for a perfect style in every occasion!

#6 Wardrobe’s pillars

There are some garments universally recognized as women’s wardrobe must-haves, they are iconic pieces that do not undergo fashions and act as a passepartout on the most varied occasions.

If we were to shape the concept of “chic” we would certainly think of a tailored blazer, a business suit, a black dress (a black sheath dress), a silk shirt or a pair of pumps with stiletto heels.

Put these pieces in your wardrobe and mix them with the current trends: the result is guaranteed!!!

#7 Take care of the lingerie

Even the underwear wants its part. To make us feel more beautiful and confident, it plays a really fundamental role.

Nothing exaggerated or too sexy, simplicity always pays-off: the important thing is that it is cared for and (possibly) coordinated. It is also known that, in recent seasons, lingerie is taking some revenge, being exposed to some extent in our outfits.

If you opt for this option, make sure that the underwear you decide to wear in plain sight is adequate: play with very refined silks and laces and try to balance the whole with soft and very chic allure garments.

#8 Choose quality fabrics

A stunning look requires quality, there is no doubt about it!

The temptation to give in to fast-fashion is always around the corner, and at times it is also allowed.

But be careful, a trained eye will certainly not miss the quality of the fabric you wear! Advice?

As far as possible, always focus on fine compositions, or in any case try to play on mix and match that also take into account the “fabric factor”, often underestimated.

Silk, satin and cashmere, but also linen and organic cottons have countless qualities: they hardly wear out, always give an optimal fitting and guarantee an extra gear to every outfit. Make sure to put some of these fabrics in the wardrobe and use them as a basis for your most refined outfits!

#9 Less is more

“Before going out, look in the mirror and get rid of something “, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel says.

A classy look does not need too many frills and “less is more” is undoubtedly one of the golden rules of “dressing well”, one of those to be printed and framed.

Giving in to the temptation to add an accessory or jewelry to the look is in fact very easy and much more frequent than imagined, but if we think about it, “too much” only risks creating confusion and removing harmony from the whole.

Always focus on clean lines and a few well-studied accessories!

#10 Don’t follow fashion slavishly

Last but not least, here is my last advice: following the trends of the moment is only good if it is done with common sense.

The ideal is to mix fashion with your own style and without forgetting your physical attributes, always finding the right compromise between your way of being and the proposals from the catwalks.

Remember that it will only be your very personal way of interpreting trends that will make you special for everyone, otherwise you will be “one of many”.

Before leaving home, therefore, always check that you have worn the most important item: your personality.

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed this content, leave me your message!

My 10 golden rules for a perfect style – Part 1


Every woman’s dream is to look perfect every single time she steps out of the door, we cannot deny it!

To achieve this very ambitious goal, we should always keep in mind few rules that I have listed here:

#1 Consider the context before choosing an outfit

To me, the number one rule you should bear in mind when staring at your wardrobe with the goal to create your outfit is this simple statement: every situation requires an appropriate outfit, and this is a matter of fact.

One of the worst mistakes that can be made in terms of look is not taking into account the occasion for which you dress for. For instance, if you have to attend a special event, such as a wedding, you can’t show up in a suit or with a too casual outfit, right?

Here, exactly the same is true for the opposite: to take the dog out or for a lunch with friends, stiletto heels and mini-dress will make you appear, although sexy, absolutely out of context.

#2 Mix up to 3 colors at a time

It seems trivial, but combining too many colors in one look makes the final result too chaotic: remember the Harlequin effect is always around the corner!

This does not mean not daring with color-mixes, rather choosing the nuances to match, taking care to respect a few guidelines that help you keep the whole harmonious and balanced.

The three-color rule being definitely one of them. This fashion-diktat imposes a maximum of three shades in the same outfit, to always be dosed with balance, by inserting at least one basic shade, which supports the others in the play of colors without contaminating the whole.

If two out of three nuances are neutral, then the third color must be bright and become the protagonist of the look.

#3 Yes to plain-colored outfits, but choose basic ones

Speaking of color-mixes, be careful: the “rule of three” does not mean that you are forced to use three colors all together!

To me, the charm of plain-color outfit is indeed timeless, but the use of a single color also has its rules. If you decide to focus on a single shade, make sure that it is a basic color, not too strong or too particular.

The most extravagant fashion-colors worn in a “total look” version are a gamble and necessarily need to be balanced by neutral shades, at least on accessories.

More recommended to aiming instead for a luminous total-white or a timeless total black which will give you the guarantee of being absolutely perfect!

#4 Indulge your silhouette

Knowing and accepting your body is the first very important step in enhancing its strengths and camouflaging its defects.

There is nothing that spoils an outfit as a wrong fitting.

Wearing garments with cuts (or sizes) that do not go well with your silhouette for sure will remove charm from the whole, whatever the basic error and whatever the outfit.

Whether you are tall or short, curvy or skinny, always remember that there are garments made especially for you: just find the right models and make them “never without” in your wardrobe.

#5 Take your age into account

To dress well, not only is it important to know your own shapes, but it is also essential to know how to cope with the natural ageing factor.

Each age has its own style and must be respected: it is not (only) a matter of physique, but also and above all of good taste.

To me, in fact, once a woman reaches her 40s, she should consider style and personality must always win over current trends which are temporary by definition.

Remember however contradictory it may seem, wearing clothes defined as “youthful” tends to highlight, by contrast, a more mature age.

The first rule is therefore to ban from your wardrobe everything that is too extreme, sexy or aggressive, in favor of iconic and transversal garments.

This obviously does not mean letting yourself go into boredom, on the contrary it means showing off your charm and good taste, adapting your style to your age with the right awareness and – why not – also to the inspiration of the moment.

The other 5 rules to follow…stay tuned!

How to wear shorts based on your body type!

Hello ladies! Let’s talk about how to wear shorts and share few tips that hopefully will guide you shopping the right pair for you based on your body type!

  1. High-waisted shorts

If you have a flat tummy and wide hips, high-waisted shorts are ideal. To maximize the effect, you can focus on the top and play with either an oversize tailored blazer or a top with puff sleeves (actually the shirt with puff sleeves is a variant if you want to look more elegant!).

In case your waist is not particularly small you can opt for shorts with floral patterns to help to reduce it.

2. Mini shorts

Mini shorts are ideal for women who are not very tall, that’s because the visual effect ideally lengthens the legs and to create a slim figure , you can wear the with a pair of high-knee boots to get even a slimmer effect.

3. Bermuda shorts

Typically a menswear item, bermuda shorts are actually rising in popularity among women’s too but honestly they fit well only to women with slim build.

If you pair the bermuda short with classic T-shirt you might end up compromising a bit on your feminine look so I would recommend to match bermuda shorts with a tight blouse instead.

Get inspired by the bermuda look Chloe Sevigny wore back in 2000 at the Oscar Nominees party!

4. Biker shorts

Biker shorts are more suitable for muscled and toned type of body, as they are conceived to emphasize your legs. If you want to try them anyway but fitness is not for you, you can match your shorts with a long jacket or an oversize t-shirt.

Get inspired by the bikers shorts look that Alexa Chung wore for the  Victoria Beckham‘s AW20 London Fashion Week presentation in Feb 2020!

Hope you enjoyed my tips for wearing shorts, did you get any inspiration?