Hyundai launches a fashion collection!

Hello! Hyundai just released a sustainable fashion collection and yes I am not kidding is true! The South Korean car company is partnering with six leading fashion brands from around the world, to create a capsule collection. These limited-edition pieces are currently being sold in the London department store Selfridges and all proceeds will goContinue reading “Hyundai launches a fashion collection!”

Eco-friendly revolutionary socks!

Hello guys! I came across this product that I find super cool and innovative and as such it deserves to be shared with a broader audience 🙂 I am talking about the socks invented and sold by Skinners! Skinners founders are a girl an a guy from Czech Republic and the idea of making thisContinue reading “Eco-friendly revolutionary socks!”

Sustainable bags, backpacks & laptop sleeves

Hello! I’d like to talk about this italian brand, Feeling Felt. Their core mission is to combine innovative eco-sustainable materials and contemporary design to create new generation products. If you browse trough their e-shop you can see they provide a limited range of products, from backpacks entirely recyclable, to versatile bags realized with natural materialsContinue reading “Sustainable bags, backpacks & laptop sleeves”

Shoes made from recycled fishing net

Hello! During my recent trip to Italy I had the opportunity to visit the “Sustainable thinking” exhibition hosted by Ferragamo Museum in Florence which I highly recommend! In this occasion I came across a stunning pair of sustainable boots. They are made from recycled fishing nets, sole made from recycled rubber and agglomerated cork, cedarContinue reading “Shoes made from recycled fishing net”

Green Knitwear

Hello! Have you ever heard about this knitwear brand, named Sheep Inc? This company positions itself as the world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand and it is committed to push back against the fashion industry’s reputation as one of the world’s largest polluters and I am quoting “set a new standard of environmental accountability”. How doContinue reading “Green Knitwear”

Eco-friendly shoes to buy

Hello! If you are looking to buy sneakers shoes that are eco-friendly you should definitely take a look at this brand, ACBC. ACBC, which stands for anything can be changed, is a pioneer in creating modular shoes that are also minimizing the impact on the environment by reducing a lot the CO2 emissions as partContinue reading “Eco-friendly shoes to buy”

Fancy a stylish vegan bag?

Hello!  It was an amazing surprise for me to learn that food waste can be actually transformed into clothes and accessories! There are few realities already operating in the fashion industry that are slowly investing in technologies and processes to make this transformation happen. Today I am introducing you to this brand, ALKEME ATELIER, specializedContinue reading “Fancy a stylish vegan bag?”