Shoes made from recycled fishing net

Hello! During my recent trip to Italy I had the opportunity to visit the “Sustainable thinking” exhibition hosted by Ferragamo Museum in Florence which I highly recommend! In this occasion I came across a stunning pair of sustainable boots.

They are made from recycled fishing nets, sole made from recycled rubber and agglomerated cork, cedar wood heel. The shoemaker, Andrea Verdura, is creating since 2014 as you can see visiting his e-shop,  an eco-friendly, sustainable and completely handmade collection, produced with 100% natural materials. You can read more on the website about his story but basically his “signature” translates into the use of recycled fishing net banned by the EU and handcrafted in his laboratory in Tuscany, Italy.

Undoubtedly I find each item of the collection (he produces not only shoes but also bags and accessories) truly unique and very stylish but at the same it gives me lot of satisfaction to think that I could buy something that has been produced time having in mind the priority to reduce to minimum the impact on the environment, so I hope you get inspired for your next purchase as well!

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Capri Sandals made exclusively for you!


With the ongoing COVID pandemic that has put a toll on many small business, it is important now more then ever to recognize and preserve the authenticity and expertise of people working in local crafts.

As you know Italy is historically a center of excellence for many creations in fashion, and today I want to bring to your attention an Italian brand for sandals which is really an hidden gem!

I am talking about DEA Sandals, small growing brand that exports the concept of real “Caprese” sandals to the world: handmade, made with stitched leather, without glues or solvents, and made to measure.

All the creations are made entirely by hand and made to measure with a manufacturing process that the craftsmen of the island of Capri, near Naples in fron ot the enchanting Amalfi coast, have always handed down from generation to generation in compliance with a tradition that should be preserved.

If you browse in their e-shop, (Italian and English languages are supported), once you choose your favourite product, you will be guided through the selection of the size and the heel as part of your purchase process and then you’ll get the personalized sandals delivered to your home!

I cannot wait to get my Swarovsky multicolour sandals, hope you get inspired too!

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The most beatiful SS20 sandals which cover the feet!

Hello! Feet in this season inevitably end up in the spotlight: a joy for many, an authentic tragedy for many others, myself included!

The good news is that among the shoes for summer 2020, the sandals closed in front are among the most original and trendy.

Many people have developed a tricky relationship with their feet for various reasons and if you are of one those perhaps affected by some form of podophobia, you’ll be happy to hear that there is plenty of shoes you can wear when it starts to get hot, without giving-up on glamour!

Did you get some inspiration for you next sandals shopping? I hope so 🙂 Leave me your message!